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This stretchy sleeve slips comfortably over your or your partner's penis/strap-on, fully covering the tip and most of the shaft. Once in place, it can help stop a too-fast finish in its tracks (if a penis is in play) since your or their most sensitive spots will tuck away inside. Meanwhile, that extra layer adds more filling thickness to a chosen penetrator while the texture adds sensation. 

In slick, flexible, phthalate-free TPE (elastomer), the Triple Sensation Sleeve is extra easy to maintain and keep clean. Before and after use, wash it well with plenty of warm soapy water, or grab a good toy care fluid/foam/mist. Add some must-have slipperiness with a favourite water-based lube.

*The Sleeve is about 6.5"/16.5cm long. The interior stretches from 1.45"/3.7cm up top and 1.5"/3.8cm toward the middle. 

Blue Line 6.5 Inch Triple Sensation Extension Sleeve

SKU: 58005
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