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No matter how your night/afternoon/very early morning is shaping up, sexually speaking, CalExotics' no muss, no fuss Water Based F**k Sauce lube has you, your partner, and any possible toys fully and completely covered - literally. Who doesn't love an all-purpose slipperiness solution?!

As you may have guessed, F**ck Sauce Water Based Lube is water-based. This high-quality, super slick lubricant is not only mess-free (i.e., it won't stain your sheets), it's also compatible with condoms, is great for skin-to-skin contact, and is safe for use with all your toys - yes, even your silicone faves.

If you or your partner has sensitive skin (and even if you don't), you'll be happy to hear that F**ck Sauce's gentle formula is glycerin-free. Your bits will thank you. 

Fuck Sauce Keep It Cummin' Water Based Lube in 4oz

SKU: 54009
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