Much more than a doll, yoga lover Mandy's sleek, super-toned frame stands at a perfect 5'4 (1.6m) tall. A gorgeous face with supple lips and bright amber eyes comes topped with long, honey blonde hair that's ready to be styled and/or tugged. Spectacular curves and slim limbs wait for caressing, give Mandy's dainty fingers and toes a nibble or two before discovering what else she has to share. 
Fully poseable from the top of her head to tips of her toes, Mandy sits, stands, kneels and more, perfectly accommodating any whim. Tender soft flesh over a strong and stable stainless steel core supports any position- arms, legs, knees, fingers and toes bend and flex, staying put until moved. Mandy's shoulders even shrug. Curled up in a favorite chair, bent over the bed or waiting expectantly at the table for dinner, she's more than happy to oblige. 
Mandy's soft ultra real pussy was molded to exact realism specifications inside and out, the same goes for a round squeezable ass. Soft, full lips lead the way to an unbelievable oral experience, Mandy can even lend a hand, just wrap her fingers around you. A USB Heating Wand is included, slip it into her pussy, ass or mouth for a few minutes pre-play to warm up the interior.
In Pipedream's namesake Fanta Flesh, a body safe blend of soft elastomer, Mandy should be cleaned carefully using a mild warm water and soap solution, or with a high end toy care fluid/foam. Use the included irrigation wand to flush each orifice after use and be sure to allow lots of dry time before storage. A good pat-down with some included Fanta Flesh Revive Powder (or pure cornstarch) will eliminate any post-cleanup tackiness. Care for Mandy's hair using a good wig shampoo, and wash her included lingerie by hand. Compatible with water based lubes only.
Mandy's measurements are as follows- Height: 5'4", Weight: 72lbs (33kg) Bust: 30" (77cm), Waist: 20" (52cm), Hips: 33" (85cm), Cup Size: C, Clothing: XS, 00/0, Women's Shoe size : 5 (36EU). Vaginal, anal and oral insertion lengths are each 5" (13cm).


  • Cleansing Irrigator
  • USB Heating Wand
  • Lingerie Set
  • 1 pr White Cotton Gloves
  • 2 TPE Vaginal Inserts/Masturbation Sleeves (1 pre-inserted)
  • TPE Material Strip for repairs/modifications
  • Set of Replacement Press-On Nails
  • Care & Usage Guide
  • 4oz Moist Body Lotion
  • 4oz Refresh Toy Cleaner
  • 1.5oz Fanta Flesh Revive Renewal Powder

Mandy Ultimate Fantasy Doll

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