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The Harmony Polyisoprene Dam is totally Hypo-Allergenic. Polyisoprene, unlike latex, does not interact with the skin; you can use it safely without fear of allergy.  It is used as a barrier when engaging in oral/vaginal and oral/anal sex to help reduce the transmission of bodily fluids, harmful pathogens and sexually transmitted infections (TTIs). When used properly, dam may help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs); however, they do not completely eliminate the risks of STIs. To get the most protection from a prophylactic dam, use on correctly every time you have oral/vaginal or oral/anal sex. Keep you and your partner safe with this Oral Condom Harmony Polyisoprene. It is of natural color and slightly scented.

Approved:  The Oral Condom Harmony is the only oral condom approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Dimension of the Condom: 6''x 10'' (15cm x 25cm).

The Box Contains: 6 condoms, individually wrapped.

NON-LATEX Dam Condoms - 6 / box

SKU: 55002
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