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It's great looking, extra versatile, and can be quickly customized to suit the scenario at hand - it's the Boundless Collar Body Restraint, and it's ready to play as hard as you can. Seriously.

Able to be worn on the front of your/their body or behind, the Restraint fits over the neck and tightens over the waist for maximum security. A pair of universal swivel cuffs are included, all set to be clipped to six possible D-ring connectors along the vertical body strap. The best part? Not only does the Restraint do a bang-up job (hehe) as a one piece, the cuffs can be fully disassembled and used any way you see fit. 

*The Collar fits up to 21"/53.25cm and each cuff fits up to 16"/40.75cm. Spot clean. Nickel-free.

Boundless Collar Body Restraint

SKU: 57019
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