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Placing tons of prickly, tingly fun securely and sexily in your (or your playmate's) hand, the classic Pleasure Wheel hails from the masters of designer kink over at Boundless.  

A bit less intense in terms of sharpness than some similar tools (ie: great for sensation play beginners!), the Wheel features a single rolling circle of spikes. Roll the wheel lightly over skin to feel (or have them feel) the effect of those tingly teeth - press harder to really make a point!

In heavy duty, nickel free zinc, the Pleasure Wheel won't tarnish, and it's extra easy to clean with some warm soapy water.

* The Trio Pleasure Wheel measures approximately 7.25/8.5cm long and it's 1.25" /3.25cm at widest. 

Boundless Pleasure Wheel

SKU: 57015
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