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Packing tons of firming potential into a handy pump perfect for taking on the road or keeping close at home, this classic enhancement must-have from Dr. Joel is absolutely perfect for newcomer pumpers, and just as great for more experienced penis-owner, too.
Nice and easy in both shape and function, a crystal clear chamber contains the penis to be pumped, while a squishy soft (removable) donut sleeve over the mouth cushions skin while keeping a tight seal. To begin, get comfortable inside the pump- use a little water based lube if needed, then squeeze the black ball valve. When you're as hard as can be, dissolve inner pressure with a quick release button to the side of the ball. 
* The Erection Pump Measures approximately 7.5" (19.05cm) in total. It's approximately 2" (5.08cm) in diameter

Dr. Joel Kaplan Classic Erection Pump

SKU: 52002
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