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Playfully designed with the more adventurous nipple stimulation connoisseur(s) in mind, CallExotics' Nipple Play collection presents the Weighted Dual Tier Nipple Clamps to your or your playmate's pinch-happy pleasure.

Completely customizable tension-wise, each simple rubber-tipped clamp tightens and releases with a twist of a screw for easy adjustment at any point during play. Between the two, a thick, silvery Y chain connects the clamps to a black disc-shaped weight. That sexy little weight provides lots of exciting tension and tug to your/their nipples, but if you're not in the mood, it's completely detachable. With the weight in place, the Dual Tier Clamps are 4.87oz/138g, and without the weight they are 1.98oz/56g.

In nickel free iron and phthalate free PVC (clamp tips), the Nipple Play Weighted Disc Nipple Clamps are body safe and extra hygienic. Spot clean as needed.

Nipple Play Weighted Disc Nipple Clamps

SKU: 57373
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