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There's no better feeling than representing your true self, whether it's between the sheets or just going about your day. Beloved Blush's Performance collection is on board with boosting confidence, too - the 5 Inch Packer is case in point.
Adding a nice full appearance in and under clothing, the 5 Inch is soft and pliable, fitting comfortably into all sorts of packer gear and garments. The plushy soft shape conforms to individual contours and warms to body heat.
Requiring just a little extra care that's absolutely worth it, this body safe TPE (elastomer) piece needs to be dried thoroughly after cleaning - a liquid antibacterial soap and water or a good toy cleaner will work just fine for clean-up. Tuck your Performance 5 Inch Packer away for safe storage when not in use.

Performance 5 Inch Packer in Vanilla

SKU: 51029
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