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We label our Massage Gel as the 'Couple's Party', likening it to an 'Adult Slip 'n Slide'! Crafted from various organic ingredients, its secret lies in the premium-quality Japanese Marine Algae, skillfully prepared in strict Japanese tradition. Whether for massage or as a lubricant, Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel guarantees the massage of your dreams and exceptionally slippery lubrication, as authentic as nature can be, and excellent for your skin.

Super Slippery – Odorless – Flavorless – Non-staining – Non-sticky – Long-lasting – Easy to Clean – Compatible with latex, PVC, Rubber, Silicone – Concentrated Formula – Crystal Clear Transparent – Water-Based Formula

The Vivilo Nuru Massage Gel... The same as used in Professional Massage Studios!
It might be awkward to go to an establishment for a Nuru body-to-body massage, so do it at home with your partner. All you need is yourself and Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel. The skin-to-skin sensation, gliding and sliding, ensures an intimate connection, making our Vivilo Nuru Massage Gel the cherished ally of your relationship.

Turn your partner's body into a playground!
Both of you indulging in a massage with Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel, explore each other, awaken your most natural instincts for a celebrated couple's encounter; your bodies becoming one, a true passport to ecstasy. Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel offers a refreshing sensation, leaving the skin looking radiant, providing excellent hydration, and beneficial effects, leaving you revitalized!

Body-to-Body Massage
Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique originating in Japan. "Nuru" means "slippery" in Japanese. Nuru massage involves your partner sliding over you, and with Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel, it really glides a lot. It's a highly sensual and erotic experience with smooth movements, caresses, and friction. No need to exhaust yourself with deep massage; the gentle touch of your bodies is enough, turning each limb into a tool of pleasure.

Solo Massage... Masturbation!
Well, with our Vivilo Nuru Massage Gel, it's a dream come true, like having the penis enveloped in saliva, bringing you very close to the sensation of a natural fellatio, and a hand coated with our Nuru Massage Gel becomes your best friend. The texture of our Vivilo Nuru Massage Gel even transmits the sound of fellatio action, a splash of moisture in full swing.

Vivilo's Nuru Massage Gel

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